Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It makes sense to me.

I had the good fortune to find a Neurosurgeon who has more certifications and belongs to more medical organizations than anyone I have come across. I just wish more surgeons would read his material and take some of the advice that Dr. Burton offers. He is certainly qualified to give it.

The following is from Dr. Charles V Burtons Burton Report

"It is remarkable, but true, that most people seem to spend a great deal more time in selecting downloads for their iPods than in selecting a spine surgeon. This is unfortunate because it is an important decision which often dictates a patient’s long-term quality of life.

Medicine is a profession, as many others, where prevailing therapeutic approaches may be, in fact outdated. There was a time, not too long ago when diseased hips, knees and ankles were routinely fused. Then the era of artificial joints changed this previously universal approach.

Spine surgery is still being held hostage to the "fusion" mind set. The spine is inherently flexible and forcing it to become rigid over many segments is the cause of significant stress related continuing problems. The result of this continues to be the inordinate production of "failed back surgery syndrome" patients.

It should seem readily evident that the architects who design skyscrapers include some flexibility in case of external stress such as hurricanes or earthquakes. If they do not do so these structures collapse. The same is true of the human lumbar spine and this is an important part of restorative spine surgery.

The need to reduce spine surgery failure has led to the advent of more physiologic, motion preserving, spine technologies of which artificial discs have probably received more than their fair share of M2H attention. It continues to be a sad, but true, story that some of the very best treatments often are associated with less commercial profit expectations and thus become medical "orphans" ignorant of William of Occams' Razor. Flexible stabilization systems and artificial disc nuclei exist today as well as restorative neuroradiology where polymers are injected.

It is essential for patients to become aware of all valuable options and search out those associated with less risk and higher efficacy. In spine surgery motion-preserving reconstructive (restorative) spine surgery represents one such important choice."

The information in quotes is the copyrighted material of Dr. Charles V. Burton and used with his permission. If you want to get a lot of information on the human spine and surgery, I suggest you visit his site below.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Undertreatment of Pain: A National Disgrace

These are the words of Professor Ronald T Libby, in a commentary on pain that appeared in "The Pain Community" a monthly news letter published by The American Pain foundation this month, and he is exactly right.He reaffirmed what I have been saying, that most experts agree that right now there are approximately 76 million people struggling with Chronic Pain. Even though I have focused on the spine mostly, there are a host of other diseases and injuries like cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, Hiv/Aids and other trauma from injuries. Even our veterans returning with all types of traumatic injuries are faced with not getting treatment for their injuries and that is a damn shame and a disgrace. If patriotic soldiers who have sacrificed themselves for the defense of their country do not receive adequate pain treatment for combat related injuries, what chance does the rest of the population have of getting pain relieving treatment. The reason for the failure to provide life giving pain relief to patients is the pervasive fear of prescribing opioids, narcotics. The societal enforcer of opioid-phobia is the DEA,(Drug enforcement agency). I really don't blame them entirely and this is why. Much of the problem lies with the powerful committees and sub-committees in Washington, D.C., playing to the cameras for their own selfish gain. Have you ever watched a cabinet member or a department head testifying before them on C-Span. The want more results on the drug trafficking trade so they go after the Doctors who are trying to help people like me and millions of others. Hey you political bastards, we are not Drug addicts. We are people suffering to the point of taking our own lives just to get away from the pain. This medication was approved by the FDA for the purpose of helping people like myself and Richard Paey live.

The biggest problem of all is the disinformation or misinformation by the damn News Media. They will talk about some pro-athelete overdosing on steriods for a month, or some celebrity getting picked up on a drug charge, but they will not devote one minute of time to some of the Chronic Pain Advocacy groups appearing on T.V. to tell the truth about the Chronic Pain undertreatment disgrace going on in this country at this very moment and it affects millions.