Friday, March 30, 2007

More on my Pain Management visit

On my second visit My wife was with me again. This Doctor was an anesthesiologist. Aparently, at least in the area where I live, every Pain Doctor is an anesthesiologist and from past experience I knew that he was going to want to inject me with Epidural shots. Not only is this a very expensive procedure, but it is a very lucrative business. Injections in the spineal area can be very dangerous. These type medical practices are being called "procedure Mills" even by other doctors in the medical industry, especially primary care doctors because they know as soon as the anesthesiologists finish their injections they will only send the patients back to them for pain medication. I can not believe that insurance companies keep paying for these procedures.

After he found out my past medical history he did not want to inject me, because at least he had enough sense to know that he was going do more harm than good. He did say he would like to inject the facet joints. I almost laughed in his face. Because of my own knowledge I knew that it was a very conservative procedure, of course he would still get his $2,500.00. My psychiatrist with whom I have had a 15 year relationship has been furnishing my medications out of compassion but I knew that he had no desire to be in pain management.

My wife finally said to the anesthesiologist, O.K. Jerry's quality of life without something to help the pain is a 1. He has no history of any kind of addiction. His quality of life on the medication now is about a 5. Why can't you prescribe medication that will at least give him that quality of life. The Doctor kinda stuttered and stammered around then said well, let me talk to your other Doctors. It was very clear that all he was doing was trying to get rid of us. About a week later I received a letter from him saying that he didn't feel that he could help me, that he had referred me back to my primary care doctor and psychiatrist for them to continue my medication. I was not suprised, I knew it was coming. Something has to be done in the area of pain management so people who are in so much pain receive the proper treatment without being stigmatized as drug addicts.

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Eileen said...

Been there done that. It is terrible you can't get help from a doctor. I have had 5 pain doctors-anesthesiologits refuse to treat me. I finally got a new primary care doctor and she and I worked together until we found something that worked.
I have been disabled for 8 years and feel if I could just afford the right medicine, I would be able to get off disability.