Sunday, March 4, 2007

Doctors have opiodphobia

Where do you turn when you walk out of a physicians office after he has just told you that he cannot prescribe anything for your pain because he is afraid you will become addicted? Your pain level is so high that you are wandering if you can make it through the day, yet this so-called medical professional is more worried about addiction than your pain. Something is terribly wrong with this picture. This is what the "chronic pain individual" faces every single day of their life. Opiodphobia!! that is what I call it. It doesn't matter if you have no record of any kind of addiction. It is just like being found guilty before having a trial. If you are a "chronic pain "sufferer you are stigmatized.

I recently changed primary care physicians and started calling around to find a new one. The very first one I called, as I was describing my problems to her and mentioned chronic pain, this was the exact reply. Well I will tell you right now, we don't prescribe "narcotics". This statement only shows the lack of education the medical industry really has on controlling chronic pain. First of all they are not narcotics. This is a law enforcement term. The medical name for these drugs are opiods, opiates or "Schedual II controlled substances approved by the FDA for treatment of severe chronic pain and cancer patients. You don't become addicted. Addiction is a behavorial problem in people, and some of it is even hereditary. People who take street drugs to get high and sometimes people who take drugs for pain and continue after they no longer need them. That is addiction. The correct term is "chemical dependency" which is a normal occurance in anyone who has to take this type of drug. To get off of them when you no longer have to have them, tell your Dr. and he will start slowly lowering your dosage until you are completely rid of them. How do I know all of this. Four back surgeries and multiple intravenous injections, all of which have only made my problems worse and 25 years of sitting up all night reading every piece of medical publication I could find on the internet, watching surgery webcasts, and listening to the surgeons who are not afraid to tell the truth. The person who lives in chronic pain lives the most lonely, painful life in the world.

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