Saturday, April 14, 2007

How do we make our voices heard

Sometimes I really want to give up. But then I ask myself-What does that mean, Kill myself. I really don't want to die. I know that is not the answer. Life is short enough if you have a relatively painless life and besides I love my family, I want to watch my little grand daughters grow up. You can't run away from Chronic Pain. Its always there 24/7. I love this beautiful earth and marvel at "Gods Creation". The government, the physicians and the DEA are so caught up in as they put it "drug abuse" especially the opiods and to a lesser degree the CNS drugs they don't understand that people who are truly in Chronic Pain hate taking drugs, I know I do. For one thing you are always fighting the "side effects" of powerful pain medications. I have a hard time taking anything, even anti-inflamatory, antibiotics and especially opiods. I will never understand how any person who has a love of life as I do, would want to take any type mind altering drug. I guess that is why most people who suffer as I do don't become addicted. They don't even want to take them in the first place. They just want a life. And to their credit, the DEA has issued guidelines and as long as the Practicioner and the patient follow those rules they have stated that they want bother the doctor or the patient. All of the state medical boards have agreed upon the same frame work, but still finding a doctor to help you, unless you have a long term relationship with them is almost impossible. I am sorry to pick on the pain management doctors, but it is the truth. Injecting shots into the Epidural area of your spine rarely helps, they are extremely expensive and they are dangerous. Injecting contrast materials into my spine that have been proven to be toxic is exactly what I suffer from today.
It is called Adhesive Arocnoditis, which is burned nerves in your spinal cord. In spite of that I still have to have two fusions in the lumbar region just for stability. Not only will it not help the main source of my pain, there is a good chance it will make it worse. My wife called my surgeon's nurse over a week ago to set up the surgery and we still have not received a phone call from their office. This is insane!! Why do they do this? I guess, just because they can.


House of Virtue said...

Hey Duke,
Thanks for visiting, and for your encouraging comments. We give God glory for everything that He allows us to pass through in life. Let His perfect will be done. We may not be able to imagine how much pain you are suffering at this time, but this is our prayer for you in the name of Jesus Christ: that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well (3 John 1:2 NIV). Amen. Be in touch.

duke63 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God richly bless you for the work that you do. As a Christian myself, your blogs are an inspiration.