Monday, April 9, 2007

Who is supposed to look out for us?

All over this country people are suffering. Old people are laying in "Old age homes and hospitals being undertreated for their pain". People from all walks of life are having to endure levels of pain that is an absolute violation of "human rights". The very profession that we are supposed to look to to help us when we are in pain has stigmatized us. Just walk into a doctors office and mention "chronic pain" and you have immediately entered into a "hostile relationship" with the very person that is supposed to help you. They will however, take your money. What is the first thing they ask you for if you are a new patient? Where are you hurting? NO! What is your problem? NO! Do you have insurance coverage? YES, that is the first thing you hear. The healthcare system in this country is an absolute disaster. I know there are many people in this that do not have health insurance, but I have the best insurance money can buy and it has not helped me. Something has to be done to hold the medical profession accountable for not doing what they are supposed to do.

I have suffered 23 years from unimaginable Chronic Pain, not as a result of the original injury I sustained, but because of the medical procedures done to me. But if I try to get a doctor to help with controlling my pain I am looked at with suspicion. Their excuse is I am afraid you will become addicted. This is ridiculous, yet it happens every day in this country and I will fight it as long as I live.

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