Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why does the medical Industry never talk about their failures?

It seems that every time you read a news article and even watch T.V. for that matter, some drug or medical procedure is being hyped. This is where something like chymopapain gets its start. In the press. Then come the big corporate medical lobbies spreading big money around to government agencies, congress and the physicians. Then all of a sudden some drug, device, or procedure gets approved.

But what about the drugs, procedures, etc. that don't turn out so well, you never here about them or at least the patient doesn't. Try getting a surgeon to day to talk about chymopapain, or some of the other harmful substances used in myelography, discography and even still the so-called epidural injections, like Thorotrast, Lipodil, Pantopaque and Myodil, which were all contrast materials used for the above mentioned tests. Well they quietly "fell from disuse", leaving some dead and most "damn cripples" like me and 50 million others and climbing. People doomed to a life of suffering "horrific chronic pain" that nobody wants to treat. Am I angry? Anger don't even describe the way I feel about the injustice and undertreatment of people like me.

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